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This is the fascination about Yoga, Daniela wants to pass on in her lessons. Her practice is determined by slow and dance-like movements. She wants to inspire people to express themselves freely, finding the time and space to follow their intuition and reconnect to their body and mind.


Yoga has fascinated Daniela ever since she has taken her first yoga class. She started practicing yoga out of an urgent need to move. She was trapped in a Costa Rican tree house due to heavy rain falls. Yoga seemed the only way to move. She would never have thought that she would find stillness in the movement - and she would have probably stopped doing yoga. Because she didn't want to find stillness, not want to stop. But the teacher impressed and inspired Daniela a lot. For her, this teacher embodied an unconventional image of a women. And in this non-conventionality, she radiated genuine satisfaction and inner peace.


Yoga has helped Daniela to listen to her body and let go of perfection. Expressing herself through movement, diving into the unknown and learning to embrace and enjoy variety.


Breaking out of familiar patterns, trying out

new things and (re)inventing

herself again

and again.

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